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                        i m m e d i a t e       t u t o r i a l s

01/05/07: Almost done. :D Bear with me a little longer.

02/06/06: Update! I've finished with all of the coding and original
content, just need to add a bunch of new tutorials and other features that
I have in mind. Just wanted to mention that to show that I've actually been
working on the site in my spare time. Here're 2 sneak peaks of the new layout:

Notice: Due to the busy Junior year at school, my free time used to work on
websites is severely limited. So, for the time being, the reopening on
Immediate Tutorials is unknown. I have planned the actual revamp
to be huge and more interactive, but doing so will take a while. That,
added to my limited spare time, might be a bit before Immediate
Tutorials is reopened. However, I will try to work on it as much as
I can. Since I know it's a pain to keep checking back, just send me your
e-mail with the form below, and you'll automatically be added to my
mailing list. So, as soon as this site reopens, I'll send everyone on the
mailing list an e-mail saying so. Thanks for all the support those of you
have given! It really means a lot. Keep your eyes peeled for a bigger and
better site sometime in the future!

x o x o,   T a k i k o
f i r e y   n e t w o r k     t r a c k e d